PS5’s ‘Queued for Download’ error causing major problems

The PlayStation 5 is finally out in the world, but one major issue has cropped up that is causing a lot of people headaches on launch day: the so-called Queued for Download error.

The error occurs when you try to download a certain game that you already own, but the download simply won’t start. In our example, pictured above, we tried to download the PS5 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but found ourselves stuck on this screen. Hopping over to the download queue on PS5 shows that there is indeed no download in progress, nor are any errors listed.

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

How to fix the PS5’s Queued for Download error

Well, good news and bad news: This error can be fixed, but it’s not going to be pretty. IGN is reporting that a full system wipe of the PS5 will fix the issue, but that means having to re-download all of your existing games. And if you don’t have PlayStation Plus, you’ll have to use the PS5’s built-in backup tool to keep your PS5 save files, because the console doesn’t let you export save data from PS5 games to a USB drive.

It’s worth considering that this issue seems pretty widespread and is likely to be high on the list of fixes for the PlayStation 5’s first firmware update. While it will affect a single download, it doesn’t prevent you from downloading other games, so if you’re patient, you may be able to wait this one out. That’s assuming Sony can get a fix in quickly, which is totally up in the air. (We’ve asked Sony for comment, and we’ll update this article with any information we receive.)

If you’d rather just get it done: To perform a factory reset of your PlayStation 5, hit the gear icon on the top right of the home screen to enter the system settings. Go to the System section, and from there, select Reset Options and then Reset Your Console. You’ll need to confirm that you’re ready to wipe your entire console. Once you do, you’ll lose anything that wasn’t backed up. And that should, in theory, fix the issue.

What is causing the PS5’s ‘Queued for Download’ error?

There’s currently no official explanation for the Queued for Download error, but in our anecdotal experience, it occurred when trying to download something (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s massive 140 GB install file, in our case) that we didn’t have enough free space for. So if you’re worried about it, just be mindful about what you download — keep an eye on how quickly you’re filling up the PS5’s internal storage.

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