Stranger Things’ Upside Down portals have started appearing in Fortnite

It looks like Fortnite’s Island and the town of Hawkins, Indiana have a few things in common. Portals began showing up inside the game’s mall this morning, on Wednesday, July 3. While there’s no official word on what these portals are or why they’re in the game, it’s impossible to ignore just how much they look like the portals from Stranger Things.

In the show, these portals lead to the “Upside Down,” which is a sort of a toxic alternate dimension filled with monsters. In Fortnite, the similar-looking portals just send players to another part of the mall. If you enter one portal, you’ll exit at the connected portal. You aren’t going to be headed to the Upside Down while playing Fortnite, at least for now.

This isn’t the first time that the worlds of Fortnite and Stranger Things have collided, either. We already saw “Scoops Ahoy,” the ice cream shop from the Hawkins mall in Stranger Things season 3, get added to Fortnite’s Mega Mall.

Scoops Ahoy in Fortnite.
Epic Games via Polygon

The ice cream shop showed up in the mall at the beginning of season 9, and it looks awfully similar to the shop that’s in the first trailer for Stranger Things season 3.

Scoops Ahoy in Stranger Things season 3.

If this is a Stranger Things crossover event in Fortnite, it would be the third crossover the game has had since the start of season 9 back in May. The two previous events, for John Wick and the Avengers, both came complete with new skins and game modes, but we’ll have to wait and see if this really is an official Stranger Things crossover.

Stranger Things season 3 debuts on Netflix on July 4.

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