Tales of Arise on the way for 2020

At today’s Xbox E3 press conference, Bandai Namco announced a new entry in the Tales series: Tales of Arise, coming in 2020.

The announcement trailer featured some wonderful pieces of JRPG fashion, a giant fire monsters, some shots of combat, and glorious vistas. Otherwise, there weren’t many details, but we got to see the main cast and glimpses of what combat will end up looking like.


As is typical for Tales games, there’s a pretty strong sense of style and fashion. One protagonist is fully masked, and the mask cracks and snaps off under duress. Another protagonist is a pink-haired woman in a lovely dress who can also summon a sniper rifle.

As with the other titles announced at the Microsoft conference, Tales of Arise will be available on PC and Xbox One. Despite being at the conference, it’s not an exclusive — it’ll also be available on the PlayStation 4.

The last Tales title was Tales of Berseria, released in 2016. We don’t know when Tales of Arise will arrive, but we can assume more details will release before its launch next year.

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