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Diablo IV successfully tempts me to gleefully indulge in sin at every turn. A thrilling hunt for rare loot feeds my insatiable greed and lust for power. The satisfaction of slaughtering thousands of foes, supernatural or otherwise, leaves little room for remorse. Whether taking down the forces of darkness alone or with friends, this is a massive and deeply engrossing action RPG that keeps me coming back for more dozens upon dozens of hours later.

Diablo IV delivers a profoundly satisfying fantasy of growing a character from a one-trick pony to an unstoppable, highly specialized killing machine, thanks to its well-paced progression and pipeline of systems that reward multiple aspects of play. No matter which of the five classes you fancy, an increased focus on player maneuverability and a litany of enemies that encourage skillful play result in entertaining, thoughtful, and chaotic combat scenarios. Titanic, lengthy boss encounters skirt the line of feeling manageable and won by the skin of my teeth, offering the best examples of the game’s good difficulty balance.

I love that becoming stronger has less to do with grinding to raise my level and more with how I adjusted loadouts to maximize my playstyle and abilities. I am encouraged to regularly respec skill points to sample new powers and perks and enjoy the great sense of control over how my character shapes out. A more robust but easy-to-parse skill tree helps with this increased flexibility, and it gives way to a revamped Paragon Board upon hitting level 50 that offers an even more intricate and enjoyable form of self-improvement. 

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