Final Fantasy VII Remake – How It Handled The Controversial Cross-Breeding Scene

This Article Will Explain The Changes To The Cross-Breeding Scene In Final Fantasy VII Remake, But It Won’t Spoil Any Other Aspect Of The Story 

Final Fantasy VII is regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time, but certain aspects of its story haven’t aged well.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has taken the opportunity to alter the story of the original game and remove some of the elements that fans found to be distasteful. One scene that fans have been wondering about is the controversial cross-breeding scene that takes place in the Shinra Headquarters and how the remake handles it.

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In Final Fantasy VII, Aerith is captured and taken to the Shinra Headquarters, with the members of Avalanche in pursuit. Aerith has been taken Shinra scientist Hojo, who is obsessed with researching the Cetra bloodline. Cloud spies on the Shinra executives and Hojo mention his concerns regarding Aerith’s lifespan, as his research could take longer than that.

Cloud catches up with Hojo, who brings Red XIII into Aerith’s containment tube. Hojo claims that he is lending both species a helping hand, as they’re both on the brink of extinction. The scene implies that Hojo wants Aerith and Red XIII to breed, as Red XIII’s race is known for its long lifespan, which would resolve his earlier concerns. The scene is interrupted when Barret destroys the containment tube and Red XIII attacks Hojo.

Crisis Core – Retcon The Creepiness

Crisis Core and its Ultimania guide tried to change the context of the cross-breeding scene from Final Fantasy VII. In Crisis Core, it’s explained that Hojo has created fusion technology that allows him to combine two lifeforms into one. The procedure is incredibly risky, but if it worked, then he may have been able to create a Cetra half-breed with an extended lifespan.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – G&S Balls

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Aerith and Red XIII aren’t put in a cell together and Hojo never references the idea of the two being able to have children. The scene is referenced in a different capacity, during the meeting between the Shinra heads.

Hojo brings up his concerns regarding Aerith, as she is the last living Cetra and losing her would prevent them from ever finding the Promised Land. Hojo suggests breeding Aerith with members of SOLDIER, including either the G types or the S types. Hojo is clearly excited by the prospects of a union between a half-blood Cetra and a human infused with Jenova cells, but even the scumbags who run the Shinra Corporation are embarrassed by his suggestion and it’s ignored.

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