First Trailer for Sniper Elite VR Drops at E3 2019

It’s the first day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 and Rebellion has begun revealing details regarding   Sniper Elite VR. First revealed back in March alongside a bunch of announcements regarding the Sniper Elite franchise, Rebellion has released the first trailer for the upcoming title.

Sniper Elite VR has been developed in partnership with Just Add Water, taking players to Italy during World War 2. Set prior to the events of Sniper Elite 4, the VR experience will feature a brand new story for fans of the franchise to enjoy.

A pure single-player experience, you fight for the Italian resistance to rid Sicily of the Nazi U-boat menace, taking on missions across brand new Italian maps. With an array of authentic World War 2 weaponry to hand including sub-machine guns and pistols (not just sniper rifles), you’ll have complete freedom of movement to employ stealth and tactics as you see fit.

The series is known for its realistic bullet physics and those same features will return in Sniper Elite VR. As will the iconic X-Ray Kill Cam sequences which showcase some brutal deaths. These have been entirely rebuilt for the VR version Rebellion has confirmed.

Initially confirmed for PlayStation VR with support for both PlayStation Move and PlayStation Aim controllers, Sniper Elite VR will also support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, available through SteamVR and Viveport.

As the trailer showcases Sniper Elite VR will be completely in first-person, and not on-rails (the segment shown using PlayStation Aim demonstrates teleportation mechanics). Environments include airstrips, underground bunkers, and picturesque Italian villages.

Even though the studio is famous for the Sniper Elite series, when it comes to VR Rebellion made a significant impact back in 2016 with the release of Battlezone. Since then the studio also helped to publish Dream Reality Interactive’s stylish puzzle title Arca’s Path last year.

Rebellion hasn’t suggested when a launch window may occur, but during E3 2019 this week the studio will be giving select attendees a chance to go hands-on with the title. VRFocus will, of course, be one of those, so look out for our coverage later in the week.

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