Fortnite Boat Launch, Coral Cove, Flopper Pond map locations -Chapter 2 Guide

Fortnite Chapter 2 released the Dockyard Deal Missions earlier this week and one challenge is proving slightly more tricky for fans of the game.

With the launch of Chapter 2 players old and new were expected to learn an entirely new map.

So whilst this challenge isn't massively difficult, it's understandable that players across consoles, mobile and PC might need some extra help to find the various new locations.

The challenge in question reads: "Visit the Boat Launch, the Coral Cove, and the Flopper Pond"

Easy, right?

Yes, in theory, but you might need to be told where you have to go, so thankfully we're putting together this quick guide and map to show you.

Here's the location of all three places you need to visit.

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Fortnite Boat Launch location

Found South-east of Misty Meadows, near the snowy mountain top next to a zipline.

Fortnite Coral Cove location

North-west just past Sweaty Sands. You need to reach the end of the beach for your progress to count.

Fortnite Flopper Pond location

This is in the west hand side of the map just past Slurpy Swamp and Weeping Woods. You can also travel slightly north east of Holly Hedges and south of Sweaty Sands to get to this location.

Once you've visited all three locations your challenge will be complete.

Make sure you finish the game for your progress to count, otherwise you'll need to do it all over again.

For now, here's a rundown of the other challenges you need to complete for the Dockyard Deal missions.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Week 4 Dockyard Deal missions

• Eliminations at Pleasant Park or Dirty Docks (3)

• Search chests at Dirty Docks or Salty Springs (7)

• Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponents (250)

• Jump a Motorboat through different flaming rings (3)

• Deal any damage to opponents by shooting exploding gas pump (1)

• Visit the Boat Launch, the Coral Cove, and the Flopper Pond (3)

• Deal damage to enemy structures with Explosive Weapons (200)

• Deal damage to opponents from above (250)

• Land at Weeping Woods, Lazy Lake, and Pleasant Park (3)

• Explosive Weapons Eliminations (2)

• Search the hidden ‘T’ found in the Dockyard Deal Loading Screen (1)

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