Fortnite: How To Get The Wolverine Skin

Fortnite’s Nexus War event keeps on delivering fan service through various skins, emotes, and map changes that help all of us live out our comic book dreams. So long are the days of sitting in your dank basement, wishing upon a star for a game that lets you fight Iron Man as Batman. The next content batch features a certain X-Man Fortnite skin, and you may be in luck in getting prepped for his challenges a little early.

There are a few challenges available that, when completed, reward you with Wolverine themed items. Eventually, with each week, a new challenge will appear and lead to players unlocking the Wolverine skin. Luckily, a recent leak revealed all the upcoming challenges, and we made a small guide to help you prep.

Fortnite Wolverine Challenges Leak

Thanks to LunakisLeaks on Twitter, we have a look at the upcoming challenges. At the time of writing, the Wolverine challenges are only up to week 3. Compared to previous challenges, the Wolverine challenges are quite tame and seem relatively easy. If you were worried about some difficult challenges preventing you from getting a cool Wolverine skin, don’t worry.

Fortnite Wolverine Challenge Week 1: 

The first challenge requires you to land at Weeping Woods and find three claw marks. The first claw mark you can see is north of the pond near the cabin. You will find a building, and there should be a small opening that lets you go underneath a balcony. A claw mark on the wooden logs is visible, and next to a generator.

The second claw mark you can find is located in the pond near the cabins in Weeping Woods. Head to the pond, and you will find claw marks on a rock inside the pond.

The last claw marks are in the RV park in Weeping Woods. Find a green RV, and the claw marks should be on one of the Rv’s sides.

Fortnite Wolverine Challenge Week 2:

You will need to find a Quinjet and investigate a loading screen inside the jet. Each match, you will see several Quinjets landing in various locations, so pay attention while on the bus where these vehicles land to mark your destination. Stark robots will guard the Quinjet, so be careful. Once on the jet, make your way to the back to find the loading screen.

Fortnite Wolverine Challenge Week 3: 

For Week 3, you will need to head to an area near the Dirty Docks where a bunch of destroyed Sentinels are lying around. The Sentinel graveyard is west of the Dirty Docks and hard to miss. Go up to one of the Sentinel heads, and there you can complete the challenge after interacting.

Fortnite Wolverine Challenge Week 4: 

Like the previous challenge, head over to the Sentinels again, but this time scout the area for a chest piece. Once you interact with the chest piece, the challenge will be completed.

Fortnite Wolverine Challenge Week 5:

According to leaks, you will need to locate a containment truck, but as of the time of writing, the challenge has not gone live in the game yet.

Fortnite Wolverine Challenge Week 6:

According to leaks, the final challenge will pit you and your allies against the berserker himself. Defeat Wolverine and you will be rewarded with the Fortnite Wolverine skin.

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