Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Trailer Has A Dark, Mysterious Tone

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for its Niantic-developed, location-based Harry Potter game, Wizards Unite. The trailer itself doesn’t offer a whole lot of new information, but it certainly sells the fantasy.

It might just be because I watched Pokémon Detective Pikachu last weekend, but this gives me some Pokémon Detective Pikachu vibes – something about the whole “what if this fantastical thing invaded our world?” premise, I think. That said, the tone of this trailer is rather different. The collision between muggles and wizards isn’t a happy one in this trailer, which sees plenty of magical goings-on being captured by humans (who normally can’t see this kind of stuff as it happens because of magic).

Of course, with Wizards Unite being a location-based game similar to Pokémon Go, the premise of the trailer makes sense, even if it don’t see the game in action. If you want more details about how the game actually, check out our preview from earlier this year. 

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