How To Improve Warzone’s Gulag

The Gulag is one of the many new features that Call of Duty: Warzone has added to the battle royale genre, and it has seemingly split players down the middle since the game’s March 10 release. Although the idea of giving players a second chance at securing the win is a good one, there are definitely some ways to improve the feature.

The Gulag spawns you and an opponent with the exact same loadout, providing you with either a shotgun or a pistol, a lethal and tactical grenade, and allowing the last man standing to redeploy into the battlefield. Although it does a great job of giving each player an even playing field, the mode is certainly not without its issues.

The most common idea that has been thrown around is the addition of more weapons. Adding snipers, LMGs, assault rifles, and SMGs would certainly make things more exciting, especially for those who find the game’s pistols to be incredibly frustrating. Some have even suggested a 1v1 melee mode, or simply giving players throwing knives instead of guns.

While this might not necessarily fix all of the Gulag’s issues, it would at least give players a more diverse pool of randomized loadouts, in turn making the mode generally more fun to play. No matter who you ask, they’re probably tired of facing off against their opponents with pistols and shotguns, and adding snipers and SMGs would be a welcomed change of pace.

Popular streamer, Dr. Disrespect, recently made an interesting suggestion as well. He stated that the Gulag should allow players to bring their own customized weapons into the game. No grenades or secondary weapons, just the customized version of everyone’s favorite guns.

This might just be the best idea that we’ve seen yet. Allowing players to bring their own guns into the game truly puts their destiny into their own hands, and would certainly get rid of many of the excuses and complaints we’ve been hearing since day 1. This would allow everyone to play their best hand, and would generally make things more entertaining.

Either way, we can bet that the Gulag will see some changes sooner or later. Warzone itself has seen plenty of changes and new weapons already, and it’s just a matter of time before Infinity Ward realizes that switching things up in the Gulag is the right move.

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