How To Pick An E-Sports Game

Whether you are just getting into gaming, or are an avid player, many aspire to participate in e-sports one way or another. Just as some of us played ball games in high school and college, some prefer to play video games. And there is plenty of competition and tournaments online. Do you want to get big, or get the occasional joy out of a weekend amateur tournament? No matter what your aspirations are, this article is for you.


There are many games out there, and hundreds being released each year (perhaps a few dozens of worthy ones). What kind of format are you looking for? Do you want a team-based game, where you have to communicate heavily, or a solo game, where you can just focus on mastering your skills? How much time are you willing to invest? Do you want to win money, get to the top, or just win a few local tournaments here and there? There are players who couldn’t really care less about the tournaments and are just there to climb the leaderboards. You can find a game for any goal, and there are many goals within a single game you can pursue.

Pick Your Target

Some nations are way more prominent in the e-sports section. These would be the Americans, Chinese and Japanese. They also turn out to be the most hardcore and focused gaming countries. Japan, for example, is overall notorious for its work focus, and many gamers take up their hobbies as their jobs, some making more money above the national average. Of course, there are also outliers who make millions. You can find what games they are getting into in 2021 at These are also the games that I would recommend trying yourself.

American and Chinese players usually follow global trends. If a game is getting more popular, and it has solid potential for future revenue and recognition, more and more professionals start getting in. In China, even the government is involved, because communists really want recognition worldwide, just as the Soviets did when they strived to win all the sports around the globe.

Major Considerations

You can’t really be successful if you don’t at least somewhat enjoy doing what you do. If an article tells that Dota is the highest paying online e-sport, but your soul really lies in the FPS fields, what are you going to do, not play CS: GO? Even if you go your hardest, the chances of you breaking into the pro-scene are slim at best. So while you are at it, you might as well enjoy the ride. And the saying that it’s better to cry in a Mercedes than a Honda is simply not true. No amount of money will make up for the time you wasted on nothing.

Also, the game has to really suit your type. If you are the most analytical person in the room, or in this case the match, it will come in handy only slightly if you choose a quick-action-based game. Instead, a game such as Hearthstone or Gwent, will give you plenty of material to use your hardworking brain. In the opposite scenario, if you are all pumped up and full of mental agility and reaction time, a shooter that is really dependant upon the milliseconds will give you a chance to have an edge. Don’t judge the fish by its ability to climb a tree. I believe that’s Albert Einstein, but it doesn’t matter. A wise saying nonetheless.

Success Is Defined By Your Definition

Earl Nightingale, an American radio host of the last century once said that. If you are going to be fulfilled by streaming some ranked matches in a game of your choice, go with it. But if you know that the only thing that is going to bring you what you are looking for is a top spot at the most popular games, so be it. Go after it and do your best. At least you will try and not regret it down the line. There is always a chance that you are the next prodigy.

In a nutshell, picking a video-game, with an e-sports goal isn’t really that tough. You can crack that cookie by mostly listening to your inner aspirations and personal preference. But hear this: the top players love what they do, and they would still continue doing it if there wasn’t much in it for them. Are you still feeling a bit uncertain? This guide will help you figure it out to the finest detail.