Korra Makes For A More Exciting Avatar Setting Than Last Airbender

A little eagle hawk told me that a tabletop RPG based on Nickelodeon’s Avatar universe is on the way. But don’t start practicing your “Flameo, Hotman” yet–the Core Book is slated for a February 2022 release. It’s still an exciting announcement, as the Avatar world is prime for TTRPG adventures with its rich history, layered villains, and memorable character archetypes with fun skills. For me, however, the truly exciting announcement is what comes after the Core Book release. A supplement book will take us to the best Avatar location of all time: Republic City.

It might be the D&D fan in me, but I’ve always been fascinated by how a magical world evolves once technology happens. That’s why I prefer Eberron to D&D’s more standard medieval fantasy settings. Eberron imagines what would happen if magic became the foundation for science–there are trains powered by lightning elementals, sentient spells birthed by mutations, and a whole race of machine men brought to life by alchemy. This shakeup also reimagines the longstanding tropes of D&D. Orcs and goblins might just be hardworking stiffs, whereas a halfing might be a dinosaur-riding barbarian raider.

This is why I’m drawn to Republic City. Yes, I realize bending is not magic, but it is a powerful force that changes the way people live their lives. We see this in The Legend of Korra with how industry, entertainment, and crime are shaped by bending. It creates a sport unlike anything we could have in our own world, and establishes the Triple Threat Triad as a force on the streets. It also challenges the various stereotypes established in The Last Airbender. Heroes and villains could come from any tribe… or benders as a whole might be the real threat.

For all of the criticism Legend of Korra gets, its antagonists are often praised. Many would even go so far as to say they’re better than those of The Last Airbender. Republic City, and the culture that comes with it, are what give the likes of Amon and Zaheer such rich motivations. That’s why I’m most excited to play in Republic City. As a Game Master, I can’t wait to see how players decide to tackle complex threats like the Equalists or the Harmonic Convergence. As a player, I know my character will be tested by the unique conflicts of the setting.

That’s not to begrudge anyone who wants to hop on a flying bison and roam the world kicking Fire Nation butt. That’s what so great about Avatar! It can handle lighthearted action-adventure and explorations of less black-and-white ideals. The latter is what interests me personally, and why I can’t wait for that Republic City book to drop. Any Korra fans down to roll up some characters and play?

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