Mario Party Superstars revamps N64 Nintendo mini games on the Switch

There ain’t no party like a Mario Party.

And with Christmas fast approaching those savvy folk at Nintendo have dropped a fresh but somewhat familiar new Switch game just in time for the festive family fun.

Mario Party Superstars is a bit of a rehash of series titles from yesteryear.

So this multiplayer funfest is packed full of Nintendo 64-era madcap mini games and game boards from the late 1990s.

But the developers haven’t just whacked a load of old video games together.

We’ve got 100 redrawn and beautifully remastered mini games from across multiple Mario Party titles from that classic console together in one package for the first time.

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The result is a fresh feeling, brightly coloured and joy-filled title ideal for busting out just after the Christmas dinner is done on the big day.

It’s seamless, easy to navigate and works a treat.

The games are incredibly varied, so one minute you could be trying to dash as a mini Mario between the pages of a turning book, desperately trying to avoid getting splatted, and the next you’ll find yourself trying to water plants quicker than your opponents.

The emphasis is always on cartoony fun and ease of play and this is very much a game for multiple people. It’d be boring on your own.

This is a big telly, family or friends all together, board game for the modern age.

In the main, it literally is roll-a-dice play as you travel round one of five remastered boards trying to nab more stars than your rivals in the process.

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That traditional board game structure is mixed up with mini game battles and regular board-specific craziness that ensures you’re always on your toes and fighting for survival.

There’s online play as well as local co-op using the Joy-Con controllers to make sure you get to do battle with nan if she’s stuck at her home while you’re in your own abode.

and if you’re not down for a full-on 30-turn marathon board game battle you can hop in for a quick ten minutes just playing mini games without the faff of the dice.

There’s plenty of gameplay variety. Players can come out on top in free-for-all, four-player mini games, team up against the opposition in 2 vs. 2 and 1 vs. 3 mini games, or go head-to-head in Duel mini games.

Matches with friends in board game mode also save after each turn, so it’s easy to take a break from a bigger face-off and resume the festivities later.

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It’s all very simple, easy to understand and instantly putdownable if you need to crack on with slicing up the Christmas pud.

Anyone who’s played a Mario Party game before will know exactly what this game is like.

The formula is very much the same.

But as the winter nights draw in and the weather turns, Superstars will give newer Nintendo fans a huge smattering of mini games to conquer.

Older players who may remember the original titles will get that nostalgic feel.

And even non-gamers will find this easy to enjoy.

Great family fun.


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