Minecraft starter crafting recipe guide

When starting out a new world in Minecraft, there are a couple things you’ll want to craft quickly. No matter where you are, there are some recipes that you can make with a plethora of items using the two-by-two template that you see when you open your inventory. The best resource to use when starting out is wood from trees, which you can grab just from punching it.

In this Minecraft guide, we’ll get you started with crafting.


Image: Mojang/Microsoft via Polygon

Turn any wood into planks by putting it into the crafting section on your inventory screen. One wood will yield four planks. Nearly every recipe that involves wood requires that it be turned into planks first.


Image: Mojang/Microsoft via Polygon

Sticks can also be crafted from your inventory, just by placing two plank blocks in a column. You’ll need sticks for tools and the like, so it’s useful to have some of them on you in case your tools break.


Image: Microsoft/Mojang via Polygon

To get Torches, you’ll need Coal and a Stick. Simply place the Coal in the block above the Stick, and it’ll make Torches. You can place Torches on walls and on the floor to light up the surrounding area,

Crafting Table

Image: Mojang/Microsoft via Polygon

Placing four planks in the four slots will create a Crafting Table, which will open up the rest of the game’s recipes to you. Most items will require a Crafting Table to create, so make sure you put one down in your base, or wherever may be convenient for you. Since they’re easy to make, you can put them anywhere you may need one.

Once you get your Crafting Table, you’ll have access to many recipes, including ones that will unlock after you pick up the key material for it. The table itself will tell you what you need and where you need to place the items on the three-by-three square to get your item of choice. With the Crafting Table, you can start building a house and filling it with other necessary items.

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