New Pokemon Snap Is The Most Realistic Representation Of The Pokemon World To Date

For those of us who have been waiting for a follow-up to 1999’s Pokemon Snap, there was plenty to be worried about during the build to its long-overdue arrival. Since this year marks Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, Snap is just one of many things being done to celebrate the occasion. Between the Diamond and Pearl remakes and the announcement of Legends: Arceus, there was a very real risk Snap would get lost in the shuffle.

Thankfully, that hasn’t happened. Snap shot straight to the top of the charts on launch weekend, outperforming the first game fourfold. This is a relief to all of those who have played it because honestly, although it might not include every single Pokemon created to date, it’s pretty darn great. In fact, the lack of Pokemon included is one of the things that makes Snap so good. Rather than rush the designs of 900 Pokemon, Snap’s creators have been able to pore over every last detail of the 200+ monsters that made the cut.

I Want My Metapods In Trees And My Exeggcutor On The Beach

No spinoff Pokemon game like Snap will ever knock the main series off course. It has become too much of a juggernaut at this point. However, Game Freak really should pay close attention to Snap’s realism. Pokemon are supposed to be animals. Tripping over one lurking in long grass feels very much like an outdated mechanic that has no place in a modern-day Pokemon game.

Yes, that element of the main series has evolved, but not to the level of Snap. No Pokemon game changes the monsters you find based on the environment around you quite like this. Whether it’s a Metapod attached to the side of a tree or a Charmander dancing inside of a volcano, there are specific Pokemon that can only be found in certain environments, and they interact with those environments accordingly. And then there’s Snap’s day and night cycles. When first revealed, it didn’t sound like much to be excited about. However, Snap’s levels are so different at night that it feels like you are visiting a whole new area.

Where various Pokemon can be found in Snap is really just the tip of the iceberg. How those Pokemon interact with you, and more importantly with each other, might well be Snap’s very best feature. While you need to repeat levels multiple times, no two trips along the beach or through the cave are the same. Hitting a Grookey with a fluffruit could set off a chain of events that results in you seeing something you hadn’t previously discovered, and snapping some truly unique pictures in the process.

Meganium Should Be Massive, Pass It On

My favorite thing of all about Snap is the size of its Pokemon. Before the game was released, we noticed Meganium was pretty massive and questioned why. Pokemon lore dictates Meganium is 1.8 meters tall, so about six feet. As you discover very early on, that is not the case in Snap. Meganium is effectively a dinosaur, so it makes sense that it would tower over you. On the opposite end of the scale, Cutiefly is supposed to be four inches tall and weigh more than a quarter pounder. Pokemon canon be damned because its tiny size in Snap feels a lot more like how it would look if Pokemon were real (if only).

It’s hard to view Snap as just a spinoff when it does Pokemon better than, well, most Pokemon games in so many ways. With the release of Legends: Arceus coming in 2022, an ambitious open-world take on the Pokemon world, the need to make its environments more realistic is more important than ever. If Charizard appears in Arceus and isn’t at least three times taller than me, I will fight it myself.

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