Nightingale Interview: Aaryn Flynn On Early Access, BioWare, And Building An RPG Survival Experience

Aaryn Flynn is one of the names that people associate with the ‘golden age’ of BioWare. Playing a major role in the creation of RPG classics like Jade Empire, Dragon Age Origins, and Mass Effect, his contributions helped shape the gaming landscape as we know it today. That’s why his departure from the studio was met with equal amounts of trepidation and curiosity. Now, a few years removed from the release of Anthem, along comes Nightingale.

The survival RPG with a focus on player co-operation bears all the hallmarks of a BioWare classic in terms of characters and world building, but seeks to transplant these qualities into a mould they conventionally aren’t suited for. It’s a bold idea, and one that already has tails wagging both at the studio and across the internet following the game’s reveal.

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