Nintendo Direct E3 2021: Metroid Dread, Breath Of The Wild 2, Mario Party, And More

E3 2021 is slowly wrapping up, but Nintendo is still here to pull out a few big surprises in the show’s final days. A couple of its classic staples, like Pokemon, may have been missing, and we didn’t see a Switch Pro announcement, but there’s no doubt that Ninty had a pretty stellar showing.

For this year’s show, we saw a brand new Smash reveal with the addition of Tekken’s Kazuya to Ultimate’s roster, and a rather surprising announcement in the form of Metroid Dread. Perhaps more Zelda news was expected, but it was still exciting to see Nintendo arrive with a new Breath of the Wild 2 trailer. There’s all of that, plus plenty of ports and collections of nostalgic titles and the best part is you can play most of this stuff soon.

Super Smash Bros. Tekken Update

Even if you don’t play Smash, the character reveals are always a treat. Super Smash Bros. introduced yet another character to its roster in the most dramatic fashion, and this time it’s Tekken’s Kazuya joining the battle. He’s the 85th character added to Ultimate’s roster, and you’ll get a closer look at his kit in another Nintendo presentation on June 28. As someone who’s also not the biggest Smash fan, you should watch the trailer anyway (I’m so sorry, Kirby).

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2

It’s the thing we were all holding our breath for (haha), Breath of the Wild’s Sequel is aiming for a 2022 launch – and it expands on what we saw back in 2019. The new Breath of the Wild trailer for E3 2021 shows us that same, grim tone in the beginning with a scream from Zelda, her fall, and a struggling Link. After that, we get some of our first looks at the gameplay, introducing new mechanics we hadn’t seen in its first game. Anyway, I’m a short-haired Zelda stan now, thanks.

Life is Strange

Using an adorable new animation, Square Enix popped up in Nintendo’s showcase again to announce that its Life is Strange Remastered collection and True Colors will come to the Nintendo Switch. You’ll get to experience the adventures of Max, Chloe, and new protagonist Alex the way it should be enjoyed – curled up under a blanket sobbing with the undocked handheld.

Guardians of the Galaxy

We already knew Square Enix had another Marvel IP up its sleeve, but what we didn’t know was that it’s coming to the Switch. Guardians of the Galaxy a bit of a doozy for a Switch launch, which makes us wonder if that rumored Switch Pro will get its announcement any time soon.

Worms Rumble

Worms Rumble is already out elsewhere, but it seems right at home on the party game console. If you passed on the PS4/PS5 and Steam version, perhaps you can jump into its 32-player modes this year on Switch.

Astria Ascending

We already knew about Astria Ascending, too, but now it finally has a date. The RPG includes work from Final Fantasy veteran Kazushige Nojima, and you’ll be able to play it on Switch this September 30.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

You’ll finally have a place with all of the Monkey Ball titles in a nice, neat collection this fall. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is the first three titles with new, remastered visuals that’s out October 5. You’ll be able to play it on all consoles, but its reveal was saved for Nintendo’s big show.

Mario Party Superstars

Arguably one of Nintendo’s bigger surprises, we’re getting a massive collection of Mario Party’s greatest hits in the form of Mario Party Superstars on October 29. You’ll have access to a whopping 100+ titles from classic Mario Party titles – and I’m hoping they’re largely from the Gamecube era – along with old stages.

Metroid Dread

Continuing the trend of “you can play it soon” with this E3 Direct, Nintendo announced Metroid Dread, the first title of its kind for the series in 19 years. It’s out on October 8, and was probably the biggest bombshell of the show. If you’re a big Samus fan, it’ll also come with a new collection of Amiibo and fancy collector’s edition.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario’s latest sporting adventure is out in just a week’s timing, but Nintendo still has a few announcements for Mario Golf in store. During today’s showcase, we learned that Mario and his golfing buddies will receive free updates after Super Rush’s launch, complete with new characters and courses.

WarioWare Get It Together

Keeping things weird, Wario’s back with a new entry to his bizarre series of minigames – WarioWare: Get It Together. You’ll be able to play the first entry since the Wii U on September 10, and it’s packed with what looks like a lot of classic throwbacks to the franchise.

Shin Megami Tensei V

After years of asking, MegaTen fans are finally satiated. Shin Megami Tensei 5 is coming November 12, adding to Nintendo’s busy lineup for fall and winter. With the Direct announcement, we got a peek at a new gameplay trailer complete with its glamourous protagonist, long flowing locks and all.

Danganronpa Decadence

Vita means life, but perhaps you can finally retire yours if you want to play this beloved visual novel series on something portable. The first three Danganronpa games are coming to Nintendo Switch this year as Danganronpa Decadence, along with an expanded version of the third’s board game. No date just yet, but you’ll be running from Monokuma in no time, from how it sounds.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

This year marks 20 years of Fatal Frame, and perhaps this means it’s not going completely forgotten. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is coming to Nintendo Switch, along with all other platforms and PC, but today’s announcement was its debut. We’re crossing our fingers that this means we’ll get some ports of 1-3, too.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

You may have already gotten a chance to play the first two Tony Hawk games on PS4 or Xbox, but the iconic duo will finally debut on the Switch. It’s just a little over a week away, launching on June 25.

Strange Brigade

And here’s one you can play today. Nintendo revealed that the creepy adventure, Strange Brigade, is available now on Switch. You can play by yourself, or partner up as a group of four and crawl through the ruins of ancient tombs haunted by the witch queen, Seteki.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

We already knew about this one, but it’s a nice in case you missed it. Nintendo is buddying up with Ubisoft again for another Mario and Rabbids crossover. Unfortunately, it’s not one you can play soon, but it’ll be out some time in 2022.

Advance Wars 1 + 2 Reboot Camp

Advance Wars is back, babbbyy. Nintendo added to its library of rebooting classics with a new take on Advance Wars in the form of Advance Wars 1 + 2 Reboot Camp. It’s a remake of the first two games (obviously) in a gorgeous cel-shaded art style. We haven’t seen Advance Wars since 2008, but you’ll finally get to play again on December 3 of this year.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Expansion Pass

We already knew this one was coming, but Nintendo finally released a nice new release trailer for its Age of Calamity Expansion Pass. The first wave, Pulse of the Ancients, begins June 18, while wave two will begin in November.

Legend of Zelda Game & Watch

It may not be the port you were expecting, but three classic Zelda games are coming to a collectible new portable. Nintendo is launching its Zelda Game & Watch on November 12, celebrating Zelda’s 35th anniversary with nostalgia.

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