Override 2 Super Mech League falls flat as a Pacific Rim-style robot video game

After an amazing run of blockbuster games in the lead up to Christmas it was always going to be an uphill battle for a more budget-level game like Override.

Think Pacific Rim meets Transformers in an online battle mash-up and you’re pretty much there with this one.

It looks good and there’s a decent roster of giant robots to pick from when going into the battle arena.

Each has a handful of unique moves to their armoury as you take on up to three other robo beasts in a tight map with the aim of simply smashing the hell out of each other until there’s one left standing.

It’s built for online fighting, there’s little in the way of a single-player storyline to this game bar a basic backstory that is poorly played out in-game.

And as such it’s easy to pick up and then put down at will if you want a quick test of your brawling and button bashing skills.

But after an hour or two of play you’ve pretty much seen all this game has to offer.

And therein lies the big problem with Override 2.

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It’s very limited in it’s fighting mechanics, game modes and there’s no huge addictive quality bringing you back time and again for more.

If you’re looking for a 3D-looking Smash Brothers-style fighting game that’s simply not as good as that Nintendo classic then try this.

But as much as I wanted to smash up giant robots with my own mech monster, the limitations of Super Mech League left me cold.

And it was quickly back to Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and the Spider-Man remaster for my post-New Year gamathon.


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