PlayStation VR Exclusive Winds & Leaves Emerges Spring 2021

Double good news for PlayStation VR owners today. After Joy Way revealed its title Stride is on its way to the platform, Canadian team Trebuchet has unveiled its latest project, Winds & Leaves, where a world of gardening and mysterious relics await.

Exclusive to PlayStation VR, Winds & Leaves is far removed from Trebuchet’s previous virtual reality (VR) title Prison Boss VR. Rather than being cooped up, in this sprawling new world you become The Gardener, the only one who can bring life back to these barren lands.

Walking around on stilts – a locomotion system Trebuchet has designed for the videogame – you have to explore the landscape crossing deserts and empty riverbeds looking for long lost dormant varieties of plant to regrow your own forests and grassy plains. Whilst doing so you’ll be able to uncover diverse biomes and stumble upon ancient, otherworldly monuments which can be awoken by returning the world back to its lush glory. In doing so you’ll learn the important part these imposing structures play.

“We are very excited about Winds and Leaves, as it is our largest project to date,” said Alexandre Pernot Lopes, Trebuchet Creative Director and co-founder in a statement. “We have welcomed a bunch of new faces in our team, and pushed our limits to create something unique and innovative. None of it would be possible without PlayStation’s incredible trust and support.”

As the world will feature player grown trees each will be unique in their design, create dense woodland however you so wish. This is complemented with a dynamic time and weather simulation so the climates will change, as well as a “living soundtrack that reacts to the world around you” the team explain.

Winds & Leaves will be released exclusively for PlayStation VR this Spring. For further updates on the project as the launch nears, keep reading VRFocus.
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