Ralph Is The Real Villain Of WandaVision, And He’s The Mephisto Everyone Is Looking For

If a curtain so much as wanders in the wind, WandaVision’s fans clamber to scream “Mephisto!” but hear me out, because I think I’m onto something here. Ever since Agnes appeared on the show, I and many others have leaped to the assumption that she was Agatha Harkness in one way or another. Me personally? I assumed she strolled into town to help Wanda only to get trapped in her spell – oh boy, I was wrong. Spoilers for episode seven lie ahead, so be wary.

The charming musical number which is still, despite a weekend of trying to put it past me, firmly planted in my cranium, revealed that it was Agatha all along. It seems to hint heavily that she is the driving villain, but I don’t think so. The entire scene came off more as somebody who strolled into town to watch a kid’s talent show only to mess with the props and put a spanner in the works. She felt less villainous and more trickster god.

Someone else seems to have put this entire show into production and I’m not talking about Marvel Studios and Disney+. Wanda has no recollection of how the entire ordeal began, but she’s seemingly the one keeping it in motion as, during last week’s episode, her lack of grip on things caused the houses and props of her interactive sitcom to frantically change eras and swap out with old designs. Who put this in motion, though? Agatha’s magic was hammered in as being purple so we’re getting a neat little Power Rangers group of wizardry and witchcraft, but the Hex? It’s red. Surely if Agatha did it, it’d be purple? The red, at first, felt very Scarlet Witch, but now? I’m leaning to Mephisto or, as Agatha likes to call him, her husband Ralph.

We have yet to see Ralph as a humanoid manifestation, and the other cast members of the sitcom are mostly accounted for as ‘real’ people that existed outside of the hex. They have been kidnapped and thrust into this mind-control frenzy of a grieving woman puppeteering her dead husband’s corpse. But who is Ralph? Well, given that Agatha drove home the point that he was her husband, surely we’d have seen him when venturing into her home, but we didn’t. Rather, there was a lingering fly that seemed oddly focused on. It doesn’t seem like something missed in the edit but rather a purposefully placed buzzing insect.

For context, Mephisto appeared as a fly within the 2018 Avengers run – like Loki, he too can shapeshift and play around with his appearance. Hell, he might even have danced around as Dottie for a brief spell if some theories are to be believed. While interesting in premise, Mephisto is oddly bland in his comic book execution, but the MCU has done wonders to characters that have, historically, otherwise been boring and underutilized. His main impact has been the driving force behind the controversial Spider-Man memory wipe comic One More Day, the story which still has waves rippling to this day. He’s also the creator of Wanda’s kids, more or less, so he’s a vital part of her mythos and a vital part of Wiccan and Speed’s very existence. Cutting him out of the story entirely seems unlikely, especially given that other Scarlet Witch supporting members like Agatha Harkness have been brought into the fold.

There’s a lot of subtle hints to this being the case, more so than just a fly dotting about inside Agatha’s home. For one, her rabbit is called Senor Scratch – Mr. Scratch – which, alongside Old Scratch, is a pseudonym for the Devil. This comes from the Middle English scrat which means demon or goblin. The question that then comes is why is Agatha budding up with the devil, so much so that they share a home, so much so that she calls him her husband? Is it just a front, or is she truly in love with Senor Scratch? Maybe, it’d be an interesting twist of fate to have Agatha Harkness and the devil in a power couple.

Senor Scratch could also be a reference to Agatha’s son Nicholas Scratch, but it’s unlikely he’ll be brought to Westview.

On top of this, after Dottie says, “The devils being in the details,” Agatha replied, “That’s not the only place the devil is.” It’s so on the nose, just like the crunching of Agatha and Harkness into one name, Agnes, but will it come to fruition? Perhaps. There are only two episodes left, and we have yet to see the esteemed actor that Paul Bettany has always wanted to work with or the Luke Skywalker level cameo. Perhaps one of these two will be Mephisto, and if and when he does get revealed? He better storm in with a campy musical number that rivals Agatha’s and a costume so cheesily comic book-y that it rivals Wanda’s, Pietro’s, and Vision’s.

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