Reach new Heights as The Climb 2 Heads for Oculus Quest in 2020

Crytek has created a couple of virtual reality (VR) titles over the years, the most popular of which is rock climbing experience The Climb. Today, as part of Facebook Connect Crytek has announced a sequel, The Climb 2, due for release later this year for Oculus Quest.

Just like before you won’t want a fear of heights as The Climb 2 will have you assail new rock faces and for the first time a cityscape, climbing the vertical faces of glass skyscrapers using special suction cups. It’ll all be worth with dramatic views of the landscape.

As you ascend you’ll be able to find hidden shortcuts to alter your path to the top, highly useful when using the asynchronous multiplayer modes to compete with friends for the best leaderboard positions.

Hopefully classic elements like chalking and doing those heart-stopping leaps from rock to rock remain, providing another shoulder intensive workout that’s super immersive thanks to the natural gameplay mechanics.

The Climb was an original launch title for Oculus Rift back in 2016 – before Oculus Touch was available – finding its way to Oculus Quest in 2019. It seems as though Oculus Rift misses out this time as The Climb 2 is only mentioned alongside Oculus Quest.

As expected Facebook Connect is dominated by the news of Oculus Quest 2, with pre-orders going live today ahead of the official launch in October. As reported, it’ll be compatible with all existing Oculus Quest titles whilst providing better visuals thanks to a new display and Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2. For further updates from today’s event, keep reading VRFocus.
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