ROG Phone 7 is a high price but high spec super gaming phone

This is quite the wow gadget and definitely an eye-turner, even for the iPhone addict.

The ROG Phone 7 is a costly handset aimed at hardcore gamers.

And it nails its niche with an impressive suite of processing, graphics power and awesome sound to deliver a true on-the-go gaming device.

The handset boasts a highly powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset that’s basically at the cutting edge of mobile technology.

It can run pretty much anything you throw at it at the highest visual settings.

Then there’s a whopping 512GB of onboard memory, so you’ll have plenty of space to download games.

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The speedy, bright and large 6.78in 165 Hz Samsung Amoled display is a sight to be seen; crystal clear, big colourful graphics that belt along effortlessly, delivering a silky smooth display.

For gamers keen on that vital edge in multiplayer sessions it’s also built for Wi-Fi 7, which effectively means as little latency as you can possibly get between firing that gun button physically and the virtual trigger in the online game being pushed.

For some competitive players, those split-second advantages mean everything.

And we need to give a special shout-out to the Apple-beating ultrasonic AirTrigger haptic buttons that sit top left and right of the device when playing a game screen sideways.

These little babies are straight out of the Playstation 5’s DualSense controller playbook and they really give you that console feel when driving or shooting your way through a game.

It’s so powerful that you’ll get an attachable fan in the box to snap onto the back of your handset for long gaming sessions.

That helps to keep it from overheating as the processor goes into hyperdrive to push games to their highest immersion levels, meaning a need for a fan to keep the back of the chassis cool like a PC computer.

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And did we mention the sound? This monster is so loud at top volume it crowds out a noisy room.

The twin front-firing 12 x 16 mm speakers belt out when needed, meaning yet more immersive gameplay, and even deliver an impressive amount of bass for a handset speaker system.

It also has the classic 3.5mm headphone jack and bluetooth tech if you want to be less conspicuous on, say, a train commute home.

New software features enhance the gaming experience even further.

X Sense helps gamers to detect key onscreen events, such as when an important new item appears on the map or an enemy is approaching, with a pop-up notification. Clever.

And if a gamer dispenses with multiple rivals in a single manoeuvre, X Sense adds visual effects to the game to add an element of celebration.

X Capture is an AI tool that automatically records memorable moments in the battle, such as vanquishing an enemy or winning the match too.

One for the family-share video app perhaps.

As a more general phone, the ROG offers all the apps and tools you’d expect of a high-end Android driven phone.

There’s a USB-C charging connector for ease, and it charges up super quickly, as little as 40-odd minutes, a 32MP front-facing camera with a better 50MP back camera for decent images out and about.

It’s IP54 splash and water resistant, has in-screen fingerprint and face recognition to unlock and comes in both black and white, with an epic see-through computer style design on the back to give it a cool gaming look.

A great phone, ideal for gaming, but at a high price.


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