RPG Concepts That Should Be Implemented Or Turned Into New Games

Despite the countless amounts of great games out there, there is still an ocean of ideas that haven’t yet been discovered or implemented into the video game universe. From potential additions to games that are already in existence to all new games entirely, people have not run short on new concepts that could really rock the world of gaming. Below are some of many that have the potential to be large, money-making game-changers.

Player Becomes The Boss

Have you ever imagined a game in which you are cursed to become the very boss that you’ve just defeated? Reddit user Firewire64 has come up with an idea in which you defeat a boss, become the boss, and then must defeat someone fighting against you. If you survive as the boss for a certain amount of time, the curse lifts, and the player who was the boss gets the reward. Boss battles would be incredibly interesting, given the fact that we are always used to battling against an AI. Furthermore, the game would always be dynamic, since you would have to adapt to the weaknesses you have as every boss you defeat, and win as them in your next battle.

RPG Where Every Item Can Be Used As A Weapon

Of course, there are going to be items with suggestions such as “better used in combat,” but having zero restrictions over your items would be the most realistic. Maybe you throw a potion bottle at someone’s head knocking them out, despite that it’s “better used for healing”? Is that not what you would do in the situation in real life if you didn’t have a better item currently on you? Reddit user Nikolass1000 provides this idea while describing that the combat setup could be similar to that of Pokemon’s battle system. You could throw the items, use them in melee, or consume them.

First Person Shooter In Pitch Darkness

It wouldn’t be as impossible as it sounds. Reddit user Darkdaemon000 shares their concept for a game in which the player must shoot terrorists in the pitch blackness. However, the player would be able to shoot sonar pulses, which illuminate both the terrorists and the obstacles of the map. Both the player and the terrorists would be able to move in the dark, though you may spend time having to guess at the layout when not relying on sonar pulses, since there would be a limited amount of sonar pulses you could use in any given level. Gunshots would also send out pulses, adding to your ability to locate and kill the enemy.

Silent, Drop-In Multiplayer

Reddit user elheber came up with a creative stealth game that shows similarities to the modern Hitman games. The player starts each mission with a randomized appearance, and the levels are full of NPCs, but you absolutely cannot kill anyone. Instead, your goal is to plant bugs, steal documents, find a password, and more. However, you can be dropped into levels that other players are already in, working on their own missions. You cannot kill them, but if you suspect an NPC of being a real player, you can report them to other NPCs who will go to their location and investigate, thus potentially clearing a path for yourself as well. You can also disguise yourself as an NPC and trick other players into thinking that’s what you are. If you get another player caught, you get rewards. You could constantly mess with other players by throwing something loud by them, locking doors, or planting a tracker into their inventory.

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