Sekiro Juzou the Drunkard Boss Fight Guide: How to beat Juzou the Drunkard Walkthrough

You can enlist the General before the fight begins, but he has a very small pool of health. This means that you’re much better off employing his services when all other enemies are defeated, and you’ve already dealt a fair bit of damage to Juzou himself.

Once you’re no longer fighting on your own, the aim is to get Juzou between you and the General, so the mini-boss is distracted by one attacker, allowing either you or the General to get a good chunk of free hits in.

This method may not be the fastest way to build up Juzou’s posture bar, but it will quickly whittle down his actual health.

Eventually, you’ll be able to perform the second and final deathblow, no doubt leaving Juzou with one heck of a hangover come the morning.

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