Sharing is Caring in new Update for Humans 101

Last month Labrodex Inc. launched a user-generated content creation videogame onto Steam Early Access called Humans 101. Featuring a single-player story campaign as well as an ‘Experiment Builder’ to unleash your own weird ideas, the studio has recently added a new feature to greatly enhance the gameplay, the ability to play other human-created experiments.

Humans 101 is a parody on the classic alien abduction, so rather than extraterrestrials taking humans against their will for all manner of experiments this time the little green creatures have asked for volunteers. As a ‘willing’ participant who wants to help these long-distance travellers learn more about homo sapiens, there’s just one little snag, all their info so far comes from TV signals seeping into space. Meaning all the experiments are based on pop culture.

That the main crux of the Story Mode. Once complete it’s time to create experiments of your own with the level editor. However, completing your own experiments is never as fun as those built by others, which is why Labrodex has introduced an online option. This enables you to upload your own experiments for others to play whilst downloading theirs.

“We’ve already seen some incredible experiments created by the players and being able to share them with others adds an exciting community-driven dimension to the game,” said Jim Ivon of Labrodex Studios in a statement. “With our online option, players can share their experiments with the entire player base.”

The team expects Humans 101 to be in Early Access for around four months, aiming for a Winter 2019 launch. In that time the story mode will be fleshed out and the asset library for the experiment builder increased.

As Labrodex Studios announced earlier this month it’s not solely working on consumer entertainment content. Announcing an expansion of its Enterprise AR & VR Solutions Division, this group is working on several corporate client projects which further support the company’s other VR efforts. The studio is best known for its first-person shooter (FPS) Scraper: First Strike, released in 2018 for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift followed by PlayStation VR this summer. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Labrodex Inc. reporting back with the latest updates.

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