The GameSir G7 is a price-conscious Xbox controller with pro gamer tech

This is a great Xbox controller for those wanting a totally unique gamepad without breaking the bank.

For a very reasonable £50 you get a high-spec, customisable bit of kit that you can truly make your own thanks to two removable and – more importantly – redesignable face plates.

You can let your kids draw all over them, cover them in stickers, or paint them delicately yourself – the key thing is it lets you customise and personalise a vital part of your game playing experience.

But it’s not all look.

Under the hood the G7 is also a very competent joypad that’s ideally suited for twitch-style reactive gameplay.

The feature-packed unit feels comfortable in the hands with a grippy texture to the back where your palms go to ensure no slipping.

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The plastic L and R triggers at the top also have a textured feel to them and are ‘hair trigger’ low-fitting, meaning there’s minimal press needed to actually blast, say, a gun in Halo or Call of Duty.

I’m not sure it made any real difference to me in multiplayer battle but minimal effort for maximum success is always the aim.

Maker GameSir doubles down on this pro-gaming feel by pushing “high speed and ultra-low input latency” as a key element of the G7, which is why it’s a wired controller.

You get a rugged detachable 3m cable with your controller, which is plenty of length for most gamers vying for space between console and seating.

Although a fully portable pad would have been better.

You can customise your buttons using the Nexus software across three profiles, allowing you to really mix up the traditional joypad layout so that certain moves can be placed at certain finger inputs.

That lends itself to incredible accuracy, which again helps in multiplayer action when every split-second counts.

Designed for pro-level gaming, the G7 comes with two additional back buttons that allow on-the-fly mapping of in-game valuable actions even if in the middle of a game. This can be programmed and used instantly without software.

Also, shout out for the XYAB buttons, they again sit low and have an incredibly satisfying click to them.

For immersion, there are four rumble motors – two in the triggers, two in the grips – to give you that kickback from a roaring engine on games like Forza or a bullet shot in Battlefield.

You also have the expected built-in 3.5mm audio jack and a mic mute button on the bottom if you want to turn off headphones chat while mid-game.

While the G7 isn’t quite up there with the much-more-expensive Xbox Elite controllers, it does a fine job of offering flexible gaming combined with personalisation.

And it won’t break the bank.


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