The Yaw2 Kickstarter Has Raised a Massive $2.7m for its Motion Simulator

Yesterday saw the conclusion of the Yaw2 Motion Simulator Kickstarter and it has been a huge success. Launched in April, over the course of 45 days Yaw VR has managed to raise a staggering $2.7 million USD from 1282 backers, quite the feat considering the base model cost a grand and it’s not exactly a small device.

Building upon its more unusual looking 2018 model which was showcased at CES that year and featured a design akin to sitting in a giant green bowl, the new Yaw2 is certainly a lot sleeker than its forebear. New looks also mean new features with the Yaw2 a bit more of a complex beast as it comes in several variations. The base model provides a 40° motion range for roll and 70° for pitch movements and doesn’t come supplied with the actual chair. Customers can then add the Yaw Platform module to provide full 360° rotation as well as opting for a chair from Yaw VR if they so wish.

The lack of an actual chair is for a number of reasons including cost, delivery and the assumption that most gamers buying a piece of hardware like the Yaw2 will probably have a decent chair to attach to it. In that regard, all you’d need to do is check the underside of the chair is flat for attachment purposes.

As you’d expect, to get to that whopping total from that many backers the Yaw2 isn’t exactly wallet-friendly but you are buying a full-motion simulator after all. The base 2DoF Yaw2 model is going for $1090 without a seat, whilst the full 360° experience will set you back $1470 (sans seat). Or for those really serious about gaming simulator in or outside of VR then there’s always the Yaw2 Pro. This beast adds more powerful motors, a smart plug to attach fans and other accessories, casters for mobility and a USB hub. How much you ask? The 2DoF Yaw2 Pro costs $1490 and the 360°model will set you back $2020 (again both without seats).

And due to the success of the Kickstarter Yaw VR has managed to hit all of its stretch goals. That means customers have a choice of colours to choose from as well as a range of cool new features. There will be a wristband kill switch if it all gets a bit too much, a gyro balancing cup holder to keep those beverages in place and a 4-point harness system for maximum safety.

The original Yaw is still on sale but if you fancy the Yaw2 and didn’t back the Kickstarter it’ll be available to pre-order via the Yaw VR website soon. The Yaw2 is currently expected to begin shipping in September 2021. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.
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