TheGamer’s Best Features Of The Week: Square Enix, Terrarria, And Sonic Storm

Happy Friday, folks. To celebrate the best day of the week, we've got you a little present – that's right, it's time for the weekly roundup of the best features at TheGamer.

This week we've got a wide variety of topics, ranging from Square Enix's NFT shilling, unique experiences with a brand new gaming PC, and an interview with one of the creators behind an ambitious Sonic fangame.

Sonic Storm Interview: Azura Hardware On Making A 3D Love Letter To The 5th Generation

Let's start off with something that'll make anyone calling Sonic bad eat those words. News editor Issy van der Velde interviewed Azura Hardware, the developer behind Sonic Storm, a fanmade game that is taking the internet by storm (pun intended) by combining Jet Set Radio and Sonic the Hedgehog. It's rare to see a fangame be received so positively by both gamers and creators but as Azura Hardware says, “I think where we are now is perfect. Sega allowing fan games to exist and even acknowledging or bringing fan creators on for celebration pieces is already in itself amazing, as long as no one pokes the bear".

Please Shut Up About JK Rowling

Speaking of eating those words – here's JK Rowling, someone that should absolutely do just that. In this feature, editor-in-chief Stacey Henley argues that we need to stop talking about Rowling and her backwards transphobic opinions, stop giving her a platform and stop making her a martyr. Warner Bros. is clearly trying to distance itself from her, so it's time we do the same.

Square Enix Doesn’t Think Games Should Be Fun Anymore And That Should Scare Us

Sorry, but the next feature isn't on a very positive subject either. Here we have lead features editor Jade King discussing Square Enix's recent open admission that it's interested in the metaverse, NFTs, and believes that less gamers are "playing to have fun". As Jade correctly points out, that's a load of arse, and a worrying sign for the future of Square Enix and its games. Let's hope the next Kingdom Hearts doesn't have NFT Keyblades.

I Got A New Gaming PC And The First Game I Played Was Terraria

Right, that's enough studio stupidity, let's have some fun. Next up we have specialist Harry Alston telling us all about his new gaming PC, and how the first game he played on it was Terraria. Harry argues that we all have that one comfort game that helps settle us in something new, and that happens to be Terraria for both him and his brother. There's your dose of wholesomeness for the week.

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You Neutered Ash's Origin Story

Finally, let's have some comfort food of our own – features editor and Pokemon movie master Eric Switzer has been giving us reviews of each Pokemon movie every week and he's finally hit the rebooted generation. Bad news though, it's mostly a grab bag of best moments from the anime without any of the episodes worth of context that helps make them so powerful. It also gets negative points for making Pikachu talk. Gross.

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