This Week In Modding: Breath Of The Wild Multiplayer, Crytek Bans Mods, And More

Usually, our weekly mod round-up is used to highlight whatever creations have caught our eye. However, this week we have a bunch of news from the modding community, as it’s been an incredibly busy one – with stories both good and bad.

We have an exciting new update from the Breath of the Wild multiplayer project we covered a while back. But unfortunately, we also have mod support being pulled from older Skyrim releases, and yet another developer fighting its fans’ creations.

Crytek Demands Modder Remove Unofficial Photo Mode From Crysis Remasters

We open the round-up with some confusing news just in today – Crytek demanding that a modder removes an unofficial photo mode mod for Crysis Remasters. That’s right, for some reason the developer wasn’t keen on having players download a mod that would be used to take and share pictures of the game in the best way possible, which seems incredibly self-destructive. What’s worse is that this has riled up fans, especially since the company threatened legal action if the creator did not comply.

Breath Of The Wild Multiplayer Mod Is Well Under Way

Breath of the Wild is hardly short of things to do, but it’s been nearly five years since it launched, so some of us might be wanting to mix it up a little. Soon, we’ll be able to do just that, as a team of modders are working on adding a multiplayer mode to the game. It's early on in its development, but there’s already some gameplay footage to check out. Of course, it all looks a bit stuttery right now, but it’s amazing that some fans got it running at all. It’s one to keep an eye on as we wait for the public release.

Beyond Skyrim Ends Support For Older Releases, Exclusively Developing For Special And Anniversary Editions

With so many releases of Skryim, this was inevitable: big modding projects can’t keep supporting the older versions. Beyond Skyrim – a series of mods that expands the Elder Scrolls 5 into new locations – has had to pull support for the Legendary Edition of Skryim, focussing instead on Special and Anniversary Editions. Those on older builds can keep playing the previous release, Bruma, but future mods will not be compatible.

People Started Removing All The Gays From Skyrim, So A Modder Turned Everyone Gay

You don’t need me to tell you that the gaming community has some right asses in it sometimes. Well, one of them woke and one day and instead of touching grass and observing the sun, decided that Skyrim is horrifically unrealistic because it features gays. So, they created a mod that removes the possibility of same-sex marriage – and even censors notes that allude to a gay couple in the game’s canon. Another modder fought back, fighting fire with fire by creating a mod that turns everyone gay. Both mods were eventually removed by Nexus, but it was quite the standoff.

You Can Now Add Cazadores To Fallout 4, In Case You Hate Yourself

Decided you haven’t been through enough pain in the past year? Well, have I got the mod for you! Thanks to one truly evil modder, you can bring back the most frustrating enemies from New Vegas which Fallout 4 mercifully left behind: the Cazador. Essentially poison inflicting Deathclaws with wings, Cazadores are an absolute pain to take down, and now you can do it all over again in the Commonweatlh.

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