New Razer Gaming Chair, Laptop, And More Revealed At RazerCon 2020

RazerCon 2020 is a day-long show featuring new looks at games, product reveals, and live heavy metal concerts. Viewers can expect to get new looks at Torchlight III and Empire of Sin, and if you’re a metal fan, you’ll be happy to hear that DragonForce and Sabaton will close out the show with live performances. On top of all that, GameSpot is serving as RazerCon 2020’s official media partner, and so we have a number of products to reveal alongside the event.

Razer is taking steps into some new territory with its very first gaming chair and PC gaming case. The other new products will be more familiar to fans of Razer’s accessories, including a pair of Bluetooth headphones that boast a 50-hour battery life and kitty ears as well as a plug-and-play microphone that will work great for streamers.

The day-long RazerCon 2020 livestream is live now, and you can watch it exclusively on the GameSpot YouTube channel or Razer’s social platforms.

Razer Iskur gaming chair


Razer has taken steps in new directions this year, and its latest venture is into the world of gaming chairs. Razer’s first gaming chair, the Iskur, features a new type of lumbar system that allows you to customize your support. As opposed to built-in lumbar systems that push the back of the chair forward, the Razer Iskur features an adjustable padded foam cushion that can be moved in and out. Razer’s new gaming chair is meant to offer an optimized experience for gaming, improving your posture and response time by setting you up in a comfortable position and supporting the spine’s natural posture. It’s made of synthetic leather that’s stitched to resemble snake scales–fitting in with Razer’s reptilian theme–and comes with a memory foam head cushion.

Razer Blade Stealth 13 gaming laptop

$1,800 for 120Hz model | $2,000 for OLED model

Equipped with an 11th-gen Intel processor and GTX 1650 Ti, the Razer Blade Stealth 13 gaming laptop is ready for everything from production work to hardcore gaming. This year, Razer is introducing two different models for its 13-inch laptop. The first features a 120Hz 1080p matte display, and the second boasts a 1080p OLED touchscreen display made entirely of Gorilla Glass. The Blade Stealth 13 also boasts 16GB of LPDDR4X RAM and a 512GB SSD, the latter of which can be upgraded. As is the case with most of Razer’s current products, it’s equipped with Razer Chroma RGB and the customization software Synapse 3. Razer’s recently introduced THX Spatial Audio software is built-in as well, providing a great 3D audio experience that enhances immersion and even gives you an audible edge in multiplayer games–3D audio can help you hear which direction your enemy is coming from before you see them turn the corner.

Razer Seiren Mini microphone


Razer has a number of different streaming microphones, and its latest is a low-profile, budget option that doesn’t sacrifice on audio quality. Its simple setup only requires you to plug it into a USB port–from there, you just have to start streaming and your audio will be taken care of. With a super-cardioid polar pattern, it captures the audio of what’s directly in front of it (i.e. you) without picking up unneeded background noise. Razer built the Seiren Mini to provide streamers with a simple option that doesn’t get in the way of your stream. At $50 and with three different colours–black, pink, and white–it’s an exciting budget microphone.

Razer Tomahawk PC gaming cases

$180 for ITX | $200 for ATX

While you may have seen Razer’s branding on PC cases before, the Tomahawk is the first gaming chassis Razer has developed on its own. The Razer Tomahawk comes in two sizes: the standard mid-tower ATX case and the smaller mini-ITX form factor. Both feature tempered-glass side panels that show off your components, RGB lighting, and cable management, and both of them open up for easy access to the entire inside of your gaming PC. The Tomahawk’s unique RGB lighting can also be controlled and customized inside of the Synapse 3 desktop app.

Razer Kraken BT Kitty edition


Razer’s new Kraken Kitty headset is the first time the unique cat-ear design has gone wireless. It features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, a built-in microphone, and an impressive 50 hours of battery life. Chroma RGB adorns the ear cushions and kitty ears, and they react to different types of apps and notifications–though you can also use the Razer Audio App on your mobile device to customize the RGB lighting.

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