Where To Get A Nintendo Switch Lite: Available At Amazon, Best Buy, Target, And More

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, there is now a worldwide Nintendo Switch shortage. Nintendo’s newest console has become hard to come by. Retailers are struggling to keep up with increased demand for the console as millions of people around the world continue to stay at home, looking for something to do. The release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has likely given a huge boost to console sales as well. The Switch Lite is seeing stock issues as well, particularly for its newly released Coral shade, but thankfully, the handheld-only console is a little easier to find than its larger counterpart.

If you’re just looking for any kind of Nintendo Switch, there are a few differences between the Switch and Switch Lite you should know about. The Switch Lite is a handheld-only console–it’s smaller, doesn’t have motion-sensing Joy-Cons you can detach, and can’t be hooked up to a TV. The tradeoff is that you get a proper D-pad (instead of the Joy-Cons’ separated directional buttons) and a significantly lower price tag: $200, as opposed to the Switch’s $300 price. Apart from some very rare exceptions, both consoles can play all the same games (if you’re looking for some recommendations, check out our list of the best Switch games).

That said, third-party sellers on stores like Amazon and Walmart have taken advantage of the shortage of Nintendo Switch consoles and have started marking up the prices significantly or offering it behind bundles. Here, we’re keeping track of where you can buy a Switch Lite at all major retailers for its MSRP of $200. Some of the out-of-stock listings may be available for a higher price, or offer a used console.

GameStop is also offering a variety of Switch Lite Bundles that are usually in stock. These bundles go for the combined price of all the items included, so if you’re looking to pick up the included game anyway, they can be a reliable way to grab one right now.

If you’re looking to buy the $300 Nintendo Switch, we have a separate guide where you can check Nintendo Switch availability at different retailers.

Please note that price and availability may change between regular updates.



The Nintendo Switch Lite is sold out in all colors by itself at GameStop. It is, however, available in a few bundles in gray.


Best Buy


Nintendo Switch Lite out of stock

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