Acer Windows VR Headset 'OJO 500' Finally Launches After 1 Year Delay – Road to VR

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Remember when Acer’s OJO 500 launched last year? Yeah, we don’t either. In a perplexing move, the Taiwanese tech giant quietly opened up sales for its business-friendly Windows VR headset today, something that was slated to launch back in November 2018.

As far as hard specs go, OJO 500 was always poised to be a Johnny-come-lately, with its dual LCD displays offering a total resolution of 2,880 × 1,440 pixels running at 90Hz, the very same as their previous model (AH101-D8EY) from 2017.

What OJO 500 did offer though was a pretty attractive package for businesses. With its detachable display, washable soft and hard head strap, integrated audio, manual IPD adjustment, and even customizable faceplates, making for a not-so-unthinkable offering for companies looking for a tried and true headset variant boasting Microsoft’s mostly serviceable inside-out tracking.

The headset was last advertised at $400, or €500 in the Eurozone, however starting today you can order from the European-facing Acer stores for €450/£400, as reported by German VR publication MIXED (German).

It hasn’t shown up on North American Acer stores yet, so it’s not sure if the USD pricing has changed at all. And yes, it comes with the standard Windows VR controller.

Acer hasn’t mentioned what’s happening with their higher-res ‘ConceptD’ version of OJO, but if OJO 500 is any indication, we won’t hear much about it either until it releases.

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