Adam Savage's 'Tested VR' Takes You on a Virtual Tour of Maker Workshops – Road to VR

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    Adam Savage’s Tested showcases an awesome mix of gadgets, emergent technology, and of course, the man himself building loads of costumes, props, and all sorts of geeky paraphernalia during his signature ‘One Day Builds’. Now, Oculus Quest and Go headset owners can take a virtual trip through a number of workspaces to find out just how the industry pros do what they do behind-the-scenes.

    Now available for free on Quest and Go, the app takes you on a 5K 180-degree stereoscopic journey through the creative workspaces of some of the most interesting makers out there, showing the whole process from ideation to creation.

    Providing eight episodes, each of which is under 25 minutes, you’ll get to not only learn about the creative process from makers such as a Broadway and TV puppeteer, and a cosplay animatronic wings designer, but you’ll also be able to take a virtual tour of Savage’s workshop, ‘The Cave’.

    Tested VR was built in partnership with Oculus and developers Whalerock / Lucky Hammers.

    Savage says the VR180 video format was a good fit for conveying the sort of info that normally only hands-on training might provide:

    “What I noticed when we watched that first four-minute build video in VR was an entirely new level of intimacy and immediacy,” Savage explains in an Oculus blog post. “Sitting virtually across from the maker was leagues more instructive, intuitive, and physical than just watching it in 2D on a screen. Seeing the movement of materials and the movement of the maker’s hands in three dimensions was thrilling! VR is a game changer when it comes to more deeply covering the skills, stories, and problem solving makers explore when they set out to make something. It allows the viewer a seat at the bench as it were.”

    Makers in the series include:

    • Alexis Noriega, Costume Wing Designer
    • Brett Foxwell, Machinist/Stop-Motion Animator
    • Ryan Nagata, Spacesuit Replica Fabricator
    • Rick Lyon, Puppeteer and Puppet Designer
    • Andrew Freeman, Creature Mask Sculptor
    • Griffon Ramsey, Chainsaw Wood Sculptor
    • Melissa Ng, Gothic Armor Designer
    • According to Wired, the app’s creators want to expand to other platforms in the future, providing however they’re able to digest the high resolution video itself. More creators and episodes are also on the drawing table, although the creators aren’t announcing anything official just yet.

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