'Arcade Legend' Lets You Run Your Own Virtual Arcade, Free Demo Coming Soon – Road to VR

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Arcade Legend is an upcoming arcade simulator for PC VR headsets that not only lets you manage your own arcade, but also collect and play officially licensed arcade games too.

It’s been a rough year for arcades, yours included. Now it’s time to clean up the place, build your reputation among the quarter-dispensing public, and unlock all of the arcade games along the way.

With officially licensed games created by physical arcade cabinet maker LAI Games, you may recognize more than a few. From the lighting fast reaction game Speed of Light to the ever difficult Stacker, the cabinets have been lovingly reconstructed in VR with a bit of virtual flair added for effect. There isn’t an official list of cabinets available yet, but it looks like there’s slated to be plenty of ways to earn tickets, which you can use to buy items from the prize counter to customize your avatar.

The arcade simulator is set to offer both single and multiplayer modes, so you’ll get to focus on building out the arcade, going for high scores, and hanging out with friends too.

Arcade Legend is aiming to release on Steam Early Access for PC VR headsets sometime this year, although LAI Games says a free demo is coming in June. LAI says the demo will feature three of its arcade games, including Speed of Light, Let’s Bounce, and HYPERshoot. You can now wishlist it on Steam.

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