HTC Releases 3 Vive Cosmos Trailers Ahead of Confirmed Q3 Launch – Road to VR

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    HTC took another step towards launch of its upcoming PC VR headset, Vive Cosmos, by quietly releasing three ‘reveal’ videos featuring some of the system’s claims to fame.

    While it’s positive to see that they’ve locked down the headset and controllers’ design, we’re still no closer to understanding some important details about the headset though—namely price and exact release date—however it could signal that HTC is finally getting ready to let the cat out of the bag.

    Moreover, the Cosmos reveal video itself boldly claims “the time had come,” so it’s possible we could be looking at some more substantial info soon.

    We’ve listed the videos below, but let’s first talk about some of the important info we already knew:

    • Resolution – 1,440 × 1,700 per-eye (2,880 × 1,700 total), an 88% increase in pixel count over the original Vive at 1,080 × 1,200 per-eye
    • Display type – RGB LCD displays
    • Refresh rate – 90Hz
    • Tracking – 6 inside-out sensors
    • Controllers – optically tracked
    • Audio – integrated, flip-up design
    • Input – USB & DisplayPort, Vive Wireless Adapter, teased connectivity with smartphone
    • Price – below $900 (confirmed by HTC in June)
    • Expected Shipping – Q3 2019 (confirmed by HTC in June), Dev kits heading to developers
    • Outside of price and shipping, a few things are still a mystery, namely field of view (FOV), and further details on the system’s inside-out tracking. Although the video at the very bottom does give us an exact weight, 651g (~1.43 pounds). We’ve listed the video description below each video.

      Vive Cosmos Reveal

      This is the all-new HTC VIVE COSMOS VR kit. Designed with the lightest weight, best-in-class resolution and ready for you.

      Vive Cosmos Controllers

      Take a peek at the new HTC VIVE COSMOS controllers. The gamer-friendly controls & seamless tracking on the VIVE COSMOS controllers are designed to give you greater control of your VR experience.

      Ergonomic Trailer

      The all-new HTC VIVE COSMOS is designed to be sleek & comfortable; allowing for longer VR sessions.

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