No Man's Sky PS5 Patch to Bring VR Improved Resolution & Performance

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Despite launching in mid-November, developers are still catching up when it comes to optimizing their games for the new PlayStation 5 console. Now, Hello Games says No Man’s Sky (2016) will soon see some improvements to the game’s resolution and performance when playing in VR mode on PS5.

In a Steam update covering the experimental branch on PC, Hello Games says that “[r]esolution and performance for PSVR have been significantly improved when running on a PS5.”

The experimental branch is only available to PC players on Steam, although it’s likely we’ll see these improvements sometime soon on PS5.

Among the changes also comes a fix for rendering-related crash on PS5, as well as improved loadings times and optimized install size—all good news for PSVR users looking to get the most out of the new PS5.

Outside of a torrent of expansions since initially offering VR support, the game’s most recent improvement is its ability to allow online cross-play between the PC and console version of the game, making it more necessary to push features concurrently across all versions.

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