Samsung Odyssey Deal 40% Sale: Windows VR Headsets Discounted

If you’ve been eyeing a Windows VR headset, you’ll be interested to see the huge discounts currently available from Amazon US on most Windows VR headsets. Samsung is also running a big sale on the Odyssey+ headset at a 50% discount.

The Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headsets launched in late 2017, and today you can pick one up with some steep savings currently available from Amazon. Here’s a quick look at each headset’s MSRP and the currently available price (brand new, including controllers):

  • Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset w/ Controllers [Amazon]
    • MSRP: $400
    • Currently: $250 (37.5% discount)
    • Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset w/ Controllers [Amazon]
      • MSRP: $400
      • Currently: $380 (5% discount)
      • Dell Visor w/ Controllers [Amazon]
        • MSRP: $450
        • Currently: $290 (35% discount)
        • HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset w/ Controllers [Amazon]
          • MSRP: $450
          • Currently: $295 (34% discount) 
          • Lenovo Explorer w/ Controllers [Amazon]
            • MSRP: $400
            • Currently: $285 (29% discount)
            • Samsung Odyssey w/ Controllers [Amazon]
              • MSRP: $500
              • Currently: $414 (17% discount)
              • Better Deal: $350 from Microsoft (30% discount)
              • Refurbished: $340 from Amazon
              • Samsung Odyssey+ w/ Controllers [Amazon]
                • MSRP: $500
                • Currently: $315 (37% discount)
                • Better Deal: $300 from Microsoft (40% discount)

                All Windows VR headsets are compatible with SteamVR via an official plugin.

                While at least one of the Windows VR headsets from Acer, Dell, HP, or Lenovo can usually be found with a healthy discount, Samsung’s Odyssey headset—which is positioned as the premium Windows VR headset—is harder to find discounted from its $500 MSRP. The Odyssey is different from the other Windows VR headsets with best-in-class resolution of 1,600 × 1,440 and a wider field of view. The Odyssey+ is very similar to the Odyssey except for some minor design tweaks and a slightly modified display which aims to reduce the ‘screen door effect’.

                The reasoning surrounding the ongoing discounts seen on Amazon US isn’t clear—nor is it apparent if they are permanent, or how long they might last if they aren’t—but for many months now we’ve seen the headsets trade places being the cheapest, and occasional discounts from the Microsoft store have followed a similar pattern. It’s seems likely that the discounts are helping to drive the slow but steady adoption of Windows VR headsets on Steam.

                When the Windows VR headsets were first announced all the way back in 2016, their ~$400 price point was mighty compelling against the then quite pricey Rift ($600) and Vive ($800). But by the time the Windows VR headsets actually made it out the door in late 2017, those incumbents had seen their own major price cuts—now with the Rift at $350 and the Vive at $500—giving the Windows VR headsets much less of an edge of price. But with the discounts available on Windows VR headsets today, they represent a rather attractive value option for new users hoping to jump into VR, especially if you’re just looking to get in on some Beat Saber.

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