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So you’ve just got the new Oculus Quest 2, and you’re wondering what to buy after you’ve exhausted all of the best free games and experiences available on the standalone headset. Whether you’re into active games, puzzles, or just want to slice or shoot the ever-living crap out of something, we’re here to help you settle into your new headset with a few games that should keep you playing for tens of hours yet to come.

Note: Don’t forget that you can also play Rift games with an Oculus Link-compatible USB cable and a VR-ready PC. Find out if your PC is ready for Link. There’s plenty of recent Rift games that are just waiting to be played through Link.

This list below is a great starting point if you’re looking to burn a single Benjamin, although you should definitely check out our list of the best and most rated Oculus Quest games now available, which also includes prices to help you whittle away your hard-earned cash.

Each genre section breaks down pretty close to $100 bucks, which includes games to get your heart pumping, shooter fans, puzzle nerds, and fantasy swordplay geeks.

Music & Move

Beat Saber – $30

If you swear you don’t have any rhythm, maybe you’ve never had the chance to slash a pair of light sabers at flying directional blocks before. Rest assured, you’ll find yourself honing your new Jedi skills to heady EDM beats. Get too good, and you’ll find yourself sweating!

Pistol Whip – $25

Although you might think it belongs in the ‘Shooter’ category by virtue of… well… the guns, this is all about keeping flow, dodging, ducking, and diving to the beat of some seriously awesome music. Cloudhead Games has poured a lot of love into Pistol Whip with a bunch of updates that have brought new levels to the game too, making it a must-have if you want to burn some calories without knowing it. Glutes, quads, arms, and cardio.

Synth Riders – $25

Synth Riders is a bit like Beat Saber, but has a much more ample multiplayer mode, which lets you not only compete for the higher score while actively playing against friends, but with its new ‘Power-up’ update, you’ll be able to do much more. Now in the multiplayer mode is a Mario Kart-style power-up system that lets you boost through songs for the high score, or send special abilities at you opponents to slow them down in their tracks. Heavy on electrifying synthwave music.

Audica – $30

Harmonix, the studio behind Rock Band and Dance Central, kicked out one of the first rhythm-based shooters alongside Pistol Whip. Instead of John Wick-style action, you’re more of a space pirate zapping abstract orbs in the sky to some seriously heavy tunes.

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