This Modder Brought Custom Tracks to 'Beat Saber' on Oculus Quest – Road to VR

Oculus Quest—and one of its main launch titles Beat Saber (2018)—has only been out for a week now. A big question until recently was whether users would be able to bring the much beloved mods once only available on PC to the Quest version. This modder found out how:

Brian Tate released a video last week showing off his preliminary work, however the custom songs weren’t properly synced with the corresponding blocks.

Now, Tate has uploaded a new video showing off the custom song ‘Good Life’ by *litmus perfectly matched up to the beat.

In case you were wondering, the Brian Tate behind the Beat Saber Quest mod isn’t the Brian Tate of Ubisoft’s Red Storm studio, game director for VR projects at Ubisoft and creative director behind Star Trek Bridge Crew (2016). That would have been pretty interesting to say the least.

Instead, Tate (the modder) actually seems to know his way around Beat Saber fairly well to say the least. As the site creator of the Beat Saber modding group Beast Saber, Tate curates maps on the site, posts relevant modding news, and has also created his own maps including a rap battle from the Broadway musical Hamilton and ‘Pure Imagination’ featured in the film Ready Player One (2018).

He hasn’t posted instructions just yet on how to get Beat Saber up and running on Quest with custom music and beat maps, although we’ll have our eyes peeled to Beast Saber in the near future where we’re sure to learn more.

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