Zoom Support Coming to Facebook's VR Meeting App 'Workrooms' Starting Next Year – Road to VR

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Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms connects both VR and video chat users together in the same space. Although it’s still in beta, the company says that it’s gearing up to integrate Workrooms with popular video chat platform Zoom.

Starting in 2022, Workrooms users will be able to join Zoom Meetings and use Zoom Whiteboard from within VR, positioning the platform to connect a much broader userbase to users of the VR productivity app.

The company says in an Oculus blogpost that integration with Zoom will let users “dial into any existing Zoom Meeting right from Workrooms in VR,” which means you might have a legitimate reason to hang out in VR during work or school, provided you’re still distance learning or teleworking.

Horizon Workrooms already supports up to 16 VR users and 36 video chat users simultaneously. It’s unclear whether Workrooms will allow for a mixed meeting point between Zoom and the app’s 2D video chat users in addition to VR users.

The companies say more information will arrive today at Zoom’s annual Zoomtopia conference. We’ll post an update here once we learn more.

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