Flash Deal: Get 12 Months Of Xbox Live Gold For $40

If you’re an Xbox One owner who plays online multiplayer games, you’re probably very familiar with Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft’s premium service that lets you do just that. A 12-month membership sells for $60 at most retailers, but for a very limited time, you can grab an annual subscription to Xbox Live Gold for just $40 at MassGenie. The deal ends in less than 24 hours, so act fast.


Here’s how to claim the offer at MassGenie: On the product page, click on the Power Deal circle. It’ll prompt you to sign in or create an account–creating an account is free (and there’s no guest checkout for Power Deals). After you’re signed in, you’ll automatically be redirected to checkout, and you’ll see that the coupon (XBOXLIVE12M) has automatically been applied.

After you check out, the Xbox Live Gold code will be sent to you in a tracking email after the Power Deal ends. The Xbox Live Gold code is the same as the tracking ID in your order history. To see the code, just click “track your package” in the email you’ll receive, and you’ll be redirected to your order details, where you can see the tracking ID/digital code to redeem at the bottom right.

In addition to online multiplayer, Xbox Live Gold members gain access to exclusive discounts and free monthly games for Xbox One and Xbox 360. April’s free Games With Gold currently include The Technomancer, Outcast: Second Contact, and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, so if you claim this deal, be sure to pick up those freebies while they’re still available.

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