Xbox One System Update Rolling Out To All Users

A new Xbox One dashboard update is now available, and it makes some big changes to the familiar user interface. The new design is simplified and more vertically oriented, having nixed the series of tabs that you would cycle with the shoulder buttons in the old dash.

By default, the new dashboard has your recently opened games and apps appear right out front, and scrolling down opens tabs for Xbox Game Pass, Store, Community, Mixer, and Xbox Live Gold. You can also select the “Add More” function to customize with additional rows from your own Groups, Clubs, and so on. If you aren’t interested in having a given row, they can be removed–even the default ones.

The new update also includes image support in messaging conversations and increased control over where notifications appear through the Settings menu. Other subtle tweaks come to Xbox Game Pass, which lets you download an individual game from within a bundle. You also get more flexibility when moving games around using external storage.

Microsoft rolled out this update to Xbox Insiders in January, with a planned full release in February. The update will be automatically applied if you have automatic updates, or you can start it manually through the System menu.

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